As part of Kondor’s “Go Green” pursuits this year, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our very own local food assembly! The Kondor Food Assembly will enable employees to buy quality, local produce which not only supports local farmers and benefits the environment, with the added bonus of having all orders delivered to Kondor HQ!

Our Kondor Food Assembly will be joining a network of other local food assemblies which operate across the Bournemouth and Poole area. In short, it is a little like an on-line Farmers’ Market where 16 collaborative local producers put their products on to the market where they can be selected and purchased online.

Not only does this mean you can buy fresh, local products from within a 40 mile radius of Bournemouth, but it also means you’re benefiting the environment, the local economy and supporting work to combat food poverty too! As you have pre-ordered the producers know exactly what to bring for us so there is no food waste. The food miles at our Assembly can be as little as 11, saving on all those transport and refrigeration pollutants, and all our packaging is reusable or recycled.

Producers keep around 80% of the price you pay, in stark contrast to the 20% they’d be paid through a supermarket so you are supporting their food business and recycling money through the local economy. Finally the Sustainable Food City Partnership which runs the Assembly is a social enterprise, so all the profits go to support their work combatting food poverty in Bournemouth and Poole. By buying great food you also do great things, what could be better?